Message from Angie, proprietor of BSSK Events
24th May, 2015

Hello, thank you for visiting this page.

After fifteen years of Mind, Body & Spirit Events and adventures up and down the country, we have closed the doors at BSSK as I have retired from promoting the shows I love on health grounds.

The show must go on...

The good news is, the shows will continue under a new name and with a new captain at the helm. Annmarie, known to many of you as the 'lady at the door', has worked with me for over ten years. She came initially as a helper on the show weekends, but for nearly a year now, she has worked in the office too. She has been learning the ropes behind the scenes, ready for this day. It has come a little sooner than either of us expected, so please, do bear with her as she needs to hit the ground running. This is certainly a case of her being thrown in at the deep end.

Annmarie has started a new company called 'Moonlit Pathways Mind, Body & Spirit Events'. With the help of her husband Martin, who has been the BSSK 'roadie' and trouble shooter for many years, she will promote the shows and I am sure they will be in excellent hands. The BSSK team have a saying, 'every home needs a Martin’! No matter what we have thrown at him over the years, the stock answer always is, "Not a problem, I'll sort it!" Annmarie has worked with me so long, she thinks like I do, but with a younger brain and much more energy! They make a winning team!

Please use the banner at foot of this page to go to the new Moonlit Pathways website, which has taken over from this one.

Thank you

It only remains for me to thank everyone, both exhibitor and visitor, who has supported the shows over the years and the many suppliers, venues and other people who have contributed to the journey. As I look back through the photos, I remember so many of you who have gone on to other things. Those that started in a small way and are now well known media celebrities or authors, those that decided to change pathway and now do something completely different, and just the changes that time makes on those that are still with us from day one. I like to think we have touched so many lives, if only in small ways, over the fifteen years. I feel most privileged to have been a small part of so many journeys.

I would also like to thank my long-suffering and quite brilliant webmaster for all the BSSK websites visited by anywhere up to 30,000 of you every month and last but by no means least, the wonderful volunteers who have come and gone over the years. We couldn't have done it all without your help folks. We have shared laughter and tears, had memorable occasions like the cottage in Newcastle we all shared for the weekend, the Tapas bar in Whitby when it snowed, Carol getting stuck up a mountain (well, big hill) in Huddersfield, the first Manchester show when we expected about 500 a day and had nearly 3,000 in the weekend and so many more. The faces have changed over the years, but you have all been wonderful additions to the shows, worked tirelessly, smiled through all tribulations and supported us in our endeavours to provide quality shows. I thank you all.

Chris and I now look forward to spending some time together rather than passing like ships in the night. We are going to slow the pace, be 'carer' for each other with our various health issues and spend our time with our two much loved doggies. I always said I would study for a degree from the OU when I retired - maybe a rest first!

We wish Annmarie the very best of luck with her new venture and send our good wishes to you all for continued success and prosperity, but most importantly, for health, happiness and inner peace.

With love,